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Infused with 100% organic herbs that are packed with anti fungal, anti bacterial, anti inflammatory and antibiotic properties. Our all purpose organic herbal healing salve is intended as a natural first aid option to handle minor cuts, abrasions, scrapes, sun burn, diaper rash, dry & cracked skin, eczema, tattoo aftercare and discomfort caused by bug bites.
Apply a small amount of the salve, covering the wounded or irritated area 3-4 times per day to help expedite healing, alleviate discomfort and protect against bacterial contamination or skin infection.
2oz tin
Igredients: *Olive Oil, *Meadowfoam Seed Oil, *St. John's wort, *Comfrey Leaf, *Plantain Leaf, *Chickweed, *Calendula Officinalis, *Rosemary Essential Oil, *Lavender Essential Oil and Beeswax.

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Healing Salve = Awesome!

Amanda on 27th Jan 2016

I used the healing salve for aftercare of a tattoo I had gotten. I like that rubbing your finger on the salve and it creates a nice thin layer of product that's the perfect amount for the tattoo healing process. I highly recommend this, as well as the citrus and the Zanzibar soaps. They smell heavenly!